Baby Grace

Well, both Baby Grace and I have colds. She sleeps a bit more with hers, I’m just plain ole cranky! (Well, old for sure, and cranky too!)

She now says:

Get down
me want it
I want it
dome (for want some)
no noooo

She really likes going to Mother’s Day Out. She plays quitely, and then gets verbal, and loves to read books. She also likes to carry her crayons around the house, but we’ve had to take those away from her, cause she likes to put the crayons in places where they should be…..


pee and poooo

Yesterday, after Grace did a “stinky”, I sat her on the potty, where she sat quietly, tapping her foot and such, and when she got up, she had some pee and pooo
in the potty container. Yeah! So we (I) flushed the stuff down, and we said our “bye bye poo poos”, and I cleaned up her toddler potty. Not soon enough, cause she promptly put Grover and Elmo on the potty too!

She now baby signs more please when she wants more please of something. Its real cute!