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May 2020 Yoga classes in Nederland, Texas

May 2020 Yoga Classes in Nederland & Beaumont Texas for Gail Pickens-Barger.  Over 19 years teaching experience.

ONLINE – Mondays 6 PM – Beginners Yoga.  Sign in a bit early if it is your first time. Register here ==> $10.  Have handy a yoga mat, strap, block, blanket, hand towel and a chair.  Questions?  Give me a call 409-727-3177, I will return your call!

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NOW online during COVID-19.  Youtube class for Thursday, Zoom Yoga Room for Monday’s class. 409-727-3177 if you have any questions.
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Low Back Pain? Try this Yoga Flow. Sponsored by the Veterans Yoga Project

Great for Veterans, active military, first responders, firefighters, health care workers. Plus their families and the communities that support them (I think that is everyone right?).

Teaching online streaming classes for the VYP – Veterans Yoga Project – Today, Friday May 1st at 10:00 AM Central Time. Click on over to their facebook page, like the page, so that you’ll get notifications of free yoga practices. ==> YVP Online Streaming Classes

Pleased to be providing yoga classes, as an teacher for the VYP!

I teach the Yoga Flow for Low Back Pain at 10:00 AM Central Time
Click on over to VYP Online Streaming Classes

If you miss the live class, the video will be listed in the video section of the Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes Page. You can do the video at any time after it is placed there. Please pop in and indicate your Vet status, or military status, or friend or community member. Thank you!

Keep everything between the easy and the ouch! Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care with Gail Pickens-Barger


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Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes

A variety of classes for Veterans, their families, and our communities to partake and enjoy!

Tuesday schedule for Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes Facebook Page - I teach at 5 PM Central. Gail Pickens-Barger
Tuesday schedule for Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes Facebook Page – I teach at 5 PM Central. Gail Pickens-Barger

I have volunteered these past couple of years to do Veteran’s Day Yoga classes to help support the Veterans Yoga Project.  I first heard about the VYP on Baxter Bell’s Yoga for Healthy Aging website several years ago.  One of the co-authors of that blog Nina 
Zolotow mentioned that day about this project, and how yoga teachers across the country were doing special classes for Veterans and donating to this non-profit.

Part of my outreach to the community is to teach various themed classes that benefit various non-profits.  In the past we’ve done food drives for the United Boards of Missions, T-shirt collections for making t-shirt diapers for Haiti, and a Yoga for Food drive for filling up local food pantries.  Teaching classes, collecting money for this effort really resonated with me, and my church was fully supporting doing this.

So every year since then I’ve taught classes during Veterans Gratitude Week, and more recently did a fundraiser class for an In Memory – Light a Candle – during Memorial Day.  Part of the funds help Veterans attend retreats, and provide scholarships toward becoming a yoga teacher themselves.

Last year, I got a call to come up to the local VA and do some chair yoga classes for them.  I figured then it was about time to get trained in the protocol of the Veterans Yoga Project.

I love the 5 tools of mindful resistance, and find myself regularly incorporating the principles in that methodology in my regular chair yoga and beginners yoga classes.

  • The Breath
  • Mindful Movement
  • Guided Rest
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude Practice

Now that COVID-19 is upon us, all the classes throughout the nation for Veterans and their families have to take on a different view.

The leadership in the Veterans Yoga Project, asked all of us MRT – Mindful Resistance Trained Yoga teachers to step up and volunteer their time to provide daily content for offering Online Streaming Classes on either Facebook or Online Zoom platforms.

I volunteered to teach Adaptive Yoga, done seated on the chair, with strengthening and balance work done behind the chair (or seated).  Go check out Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes facebook page,for their extensive offerings of yoga classes for the Veterans, families and our communities (I think that covers about everyone).

I’m teaching today at 5 PM Central, Adaptive Flow, so pop on over about that time to see the class!  Here’s the schedule for today.

Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes
Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming Classes – go check them out. 

The light in me, honors the light in you!

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Yoga for Veterans, Yoga with Gail

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Free (or nearly) Yoga Classes in the Golden Triangle Area – Beaumont, Nederland, Port Arthur, Texas.

Free (or nearly) Yoga Classes in the Golden Triangle Area – Beaumont, Nederland, Port Arthur, Texas. Updated November 2020

Free Chair Yoga class with Carol Juneau: Wednesdays at 2:00 PM  Held at the Port Neches Senior Center (while the library recovers from the TPC incident). Check the  Port Neches Library Website or the Facebook Event Calendar.  CY 2019Chair Yoga:  on Gail’s youtube channel 

Free/Low Cost/Donation Class.

Adaptive Chair Yoga for MS, weekly chair yoga class on youtube during the pandemic for those with MS, their families, and friends.

Lakeside Center – Best Years Senior Citizens
150 Magnolia Street
Beaumont, TX 77701
Hours of Operation: 7:30am – 4:00pm

Check their current schedule for available classes.  Class days and times have varied during the pandemic


Yoga at Cattail Marsh – Beaumont Texas.
Check the Cattail Marsh Wetlands Education Center facebook page for current offerings during the pandemic

Beginners Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger.  In your home, place of business or at Wesley UMC, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas. 409-727-3177.  Leave a voice message, if I am unable to get to your call.  I will return your call! Or Contact Gail

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Gail’s – Inhale Yoga Music List – Steve Ross – Maha Yoga

Updated 5/2013 – 2/2020

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Playlists of songs from the Steve Ross Inhale show on Oprah’s Oxygen TV Channel.  1999 – 2000 – 2001

Wow, it has been 20 years now, since I’ve been re-introduced to yoga. Through my friend Tammy, who said, “Go check out this guy, Steve Ross on the Oxygen channel.  He has some really interesting yoga class with some great music.”  I did, and wow, super loved his class content, humor, music and sweet meditation at the end.  Back in the day, I videotaped his show on my little VHS tapes, as it was on at 5 am, sometimes 6 am in the morning!

I started to write down the music he used, and started buying my music from itunes, and putting them into playlists.  So soon after that, I became a yoga teacher, and I’d haul out a couple of times a year my Steve Ross Inhale Playlist.

My Original message on this…”
Looks like Inhale Yoga has been temporarily taken off the Oxygen channel.  Last time this happened, it took a year and a half for Oxygen to get all the music rights to get the program back on Oxygen.  And when that happened, it seemed to be that not all the Inhale Yoga programs came back on….only about two-thirds of the originals came back.  It is my understanding that there were 33 programs done back in 2000/2001/2002.

So I had been introduced to Steve Ross, of the Inhale Oxygen show back in the early 2000 by one of my friends.  I was thinking, oh, this is hard (for me)!  I really liked the music, and wanted to make my own music list from the music off of the show.  At one point in time, the song titles and artist’s names were listed at the bottom of the screen during the Inhale Show.  I taped the shows a lot at that time, and created my list of music from the show.

Steve Ross played guitar for Fleetwood Mac back in the day, and also for the Australian band, “Men at Work”.  Lots of good guitar licks in this music playlist.  If you know of others to add to this list, please post a comment!

Here is my Steve Ross Inhale Yoga Music List.

  1. Mustang Sally – Commitment
  2. Revolution  –  Kirk Franklin
  3. I’ll take you there – Staple Sisters
  4. Supersititions  –  Stevie Wonder
  5. Love and Happiness – Al Green
  6. I Wish – Stevie Wonder
  7. Ain’t Nobody  – Chaka Kahn
  8. I Believe  -Sounds of  Blackness
  9. Come Away with Me – Norah Jones
  10. Let the River Run  – Carly Simon
  11. Got to be Real  –  Cheryl Lynn
  12. Waking Dreams Meditation  -Yoga/Reiki Relaxation. 6:15 slow
  13. If I ever lose my faith –  Sting (Unplugged)
  14. If I ever lose my faith  – Sting slow
  15. Mercy, Mercy – Marvin Gaye
  16. Hoi Doi – Yulara slow
  17. Aliens soundtrack
  18. A Thousand Years  – Sting  slow
  19. Five for fighting superman –  Dave Mattews (fly song)
  20. Makambo  – Geoffrey Oryema  – (ending music) slow
  21. Creep – TLC  (funky slow warm up)
  22. Vise Versa Love – Barrington Levy (slow warm-up)
  23. Angel Love / Devotion  – Aeoliah Meditation (slow)
  24. Teacher – Barrington Levy (funky fast)
  25. Stomp – Kirk Franklin (funky fast)
  26. Watermark  – Enya (slow)
  27. Sing a Song – Take 6 (fast)
  28. 2/2 Music for Airports –  Brian Eno  (slow)
  29. Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand – Primitive Radio
  30. You’ve got the Best of My Love – Emotions
  31. Rock with You Mix – Brandy
  32. Fields of Gold  –  Sting
  33. If I could change the world  – Eric Clapton and with Baby Face
  34. Change the world – Eric Clapton
  35. My Fathers Eyes – Eric Clapton
  36. My Fathers Eyes  – Eric Clapton acoustic
  37. Shy Guy – Diane King (Reggie Mix )
  38. Fields of Gold –  Sting Acoustic
  39. Sexual Healing –  Marvin Gaye (Bolton maybe sings this on the show?)
  40. Let’s Stay together  – Al Green
  41. When the lights gone out –  Ziggy Marley
  42. FirstLight –  Brian Eno
  43. Ain’t to proud to beg – Temptations
  44. The vanishing breed – Robbie Robertson
  45. Happy Ever After – Julia Fordham (Added 2/2010)
  46. I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
  47. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) by Us3 (Added 9/2011)
  48. Ghost Dance – Robbie Robertson – added by Gail 3/2012
  49. Tomorrow People – Countdown Singers – added by Gail 3/2012
  50. Tom’s Diner – added by Gail 3/2012
  51. Keep It Coming – B. B. King – added by Gail 3/2012
  52. Nothing ‘Bout Me – Sting – added by Gail 3/2012
  53. Stars All Seem To Weep – Beth Orton   5/2013
  54. She Pleases Me – Wailing Souls – added by Gail 5/2013
  55. Love is the Seventh Wave – Sting – added by Gail 5/2013
  56. Kothbiro – Ayub Ogada – Added by Gail 5/2013

Please post a comment if you’ve enjoyed having this list.  Thank you.
Thanks Y’all!   Gaileee 

Steve Ross PlayList A:

  1. Fields of Gold – Sting
  2. Mercy, Mercy Me – Marvin Gaye
  3. I Believe – Sounds of Blackness
  4. My Loving (Never, Never Gonna Get It) – En Vogue
  5. I Wish – Stevie Wonder
  6. Love and Happiness – Al Green
  7. Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan
  8. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
  9. Vise Versy Love – Barrington Levy 
  10. A Thousand Years – Sting 
  11. Angel Love – Aeoliah 

 Steve Ross Playlist C
1. Keep It Coming – B B King
2. Cantaloop – Us3
3. Mustang Sally – Commitments
4. Teacher – Barrington Levy
5. Sing a Song – Take 6
6. Nothing ‘Bout me – Sting
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – S Wonder
8. You’ve Got the Best of My Love

Steve Ross Playlist D
1. Telephone Booth
2. Rock wit me
3. I feel good
4. Tom’s Diner
5. Stomp
6. You’ve Got the Best of My Love
7. My Lovin’ Never Gonna Get It
8. Teacher
9. Over My Head
10. Say a Little Prayer for You