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Gifts under $50 for Yoga & Fitness

Gifts under $50 for Yoga & Fitness – Updated for 2020!

These are some of my favorites for using in my fitness and yoga practice.  Enjoy!

I’ve  attended some awesome workshop trainings this year, and I need to shout out that one of the most used props are the yoga straps with the D-rings!  So easy to use in binding poses, and to really activate the hip musculature in our Gentle Yoga for Low Back Pain classes.  So add the D-Ring Yoga strap to you and your fellow yogi’s list! (Maybe even get two!)

The D-Ring Strap so beneficial in doing yoga! A new must have yoga prop! Yoga with Gail
The D-Ring Strap so beneficial in doing yoga! A new must have yoga prop! Yoga with Gail

rbg-bookTake a look at this review of The RGB Workout. I was so impressed I bought a book for me and a book for my over 90 year old mom!

Another “find” is the Stretch Out Strap by I first ran into this particular looped yoga strap over 17 years ago, when I took the two day YogaFit for Seniors training with Rita Joseph.  The class included using poses seated on the chair, behind the chair, a block, ball, and this really cool strap. You did not have to use your “grip” but threaded your hand into the loops to use the strap in your practice. My chair yoga clients love it, plus so do my 440-2_stretch-out-strap-with-guidebeginners yoga clients. Well worth getting (and pick the version with the added poster)! Check out this other instructor who reviews the Stretch Out Strap!

I use the stretch out strap in my 12 yoga poses for preventing osteoporosis / osteopenia routine.  It is just so easy to loop the hands in the “loops” to do the Hand to Foot Number 1 Pose and the Hand to Foot Number 2 Pose.  handtofoot1pose  handtofoot2pose
I cannot easily reach out to the side without my stretch out strap without lifting my opposite side of my body.  So with the stretch out strap, it is so much easier to do!

Fit Simply Resistance Loop Exercise Bands.  Found this little jewel at one of my daughter’s homes.  She was using the bands in a pilates routine that she did on a regular basis.

1-mod-circle-510x545I looked up the band on the website, and purchased a set for myself.  I didn’t really start using the bands until I was encountering some back pain.  Turns out I needed to start turning on some major hip flexors and glute muscles to start to get myself out of pain.  I turned to these bands, and sure enough I now do the famous pilates “clam” exercises with varied resistance levels.  Wow, it works, but you have to keep up the daily work, to stay out of pain.  Coach Sofia has some good information via her site, facebook & youtube in using the resistance loop bands. Plus a lot on the piriformis syndrome and what to do about it.

Coach Sofia demonstration of clams with a resistance loop band.

D-Ring Yoga Strap.  Use this in poses where one needs to activate the hip musculature – strengthen those hips and glutes!

Can be used in constructive rest pose, seated staff pose on the floor or on the chair, standing mountain pose, again with pushing against the strap to activate the thighs, hips & glutes.  Similar to using the resistance band loop, but with “no” stretchy component.  Pics to come!

Yoga Gift Guide for under $50
My favorite tools for using in yoga classes and personal fitness. Help ease the pain from the body using these various tools and books!
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Beginners Yoga on Mondays – Nederland, Texas

Beginners Yoga on Mondays – Nederland, Tx – at Wesley UMC, 3515 Helena Avenue – $10.

Remember, you don’t have to be flexible, or in shape to do yoga. If you can breathe you can do some form of yoga. The more out of shape that you are, the more you’ll see immediate results in a regular practice.  AGAIN, you don’t need any previous experience to make dramatic changes in your life in a very short time. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in right now, yoga is suitable for every “BODY!”  Whether in small group class or one on one individual lessons.  Give me a call to get you started on your path of health and vitality!
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Discover Secrets To Looking Great This Summer

This is the time of year when everywhere you look you see images of sleek, toned bodies.

It’s also a time when many feel the pressure to resort to crash diets, hoping to fit into a smaller swimsuit size in a few weeks’ time.

It’s also no surprise that weight-loss centers offer specials during the summer months and magazines tout diets that promise losses of 10, 15, and even 20 pounds in less than a month’s time.

Unfortunately, quick-fix and fad diets come with a painful price tag. Only 12% of Americans who lose weight on a crash diet maintain the weight loss for one year.

The rest – 88% – not only gain back the weight much sooner, but many gain back even more than they lost.

The biggest loss that crash diets actually produce is loss of morale. After gaining weight back, demoralized dieters, feeling like failures, abandon all hopes of ever reaching a weight that they can feel healthy and happy about.

Nutrition and medical experts have come down hard on crash diets for these very reasons. Diets can’t produce long-term results because they focus solely on short-term success.

They force you to think about – even count – every bite you eat instead of helping to change the way you think about food. Eating habits are deeply ingrained in our subconscious mind.

Without changing these habits, dieters fall into the same traps of cravings, binging, and emotional eating over and over again.

The reason that so many people resort to crash diets every summer is that there seems to be no other way. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Many health professionals, looking for a safe, effective, alternative to diets, have begun recommending a completely different way to lose weight. This revolutionary, anti-diet approach that’s already helped thousands of people lose weight successfully – permanently – is yoga.