Benefits of the Yogic Sleep Method

Benefits of the Yogic Sleep Method Here’s a link to a recent Yoga Nidra that I posted on SoundCloud. Enjoy Yoga Nidra for better sleep. Mondays 6 PM Online Gentle Yoga for Low Back Pain $10 thru Paypal . What you will need: a yoga mat a strap, or dog leash, long scarf or tieContinue reading “Benefits of the Yogic Sleep Method”

Yogic Sleep – Why you need it!

Yogic Sleep – Why You Need IT! Here’s a link to a recent Yoga Nidra, that I posted on SoundCloud.  Let me know how you liked it!  Thanks! Yoga and Sleep National Sleep Foundation 2003 Sleep in America Study found that about half of the senior citizen population reports some type of sleep problem suchContinue reading “Yogic Sleep – Why you need it!”