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Benefits of the Yogic Sleep Method

Benefits of the Yogic Sleep Method

Here’s a link to a recent Yoga Nidra that I posted on SoundCloud. Enjoy

Yoga Nidra for better sleep.

Yoga Nidra for better sleep.

Yoga Sleep, Ease Stress, Less Pain, & Better Quality Sleep
Yoga Sleep, Ease Stress, Less Pain, & Better Quality Sleep

Mondays 6 PM Online Gentle Yoga for Low Back Pain $10 thru Paypal .

What you will need:

  • a yoga mat
  • a strap, or dog leash, long scarf or tie
  • a yoga block or rolled up two hand towels
  • a blanket (optional)
  • a chair (optional)
  • access to a wall or hard surface

Beginners Yoga Gentle Yoga for easing back pain, lessening stress, increasing flexibility and strength, while enjoying the yogic sleep method for better sleep in your life!  We use the yoga sleep method to further enhance better sleep and sometimes less pain while sleeping.

Don’t like to get down on the floor?  Chair Yoga Class.  Then this class is for you with all the same great benefits of the beginner yoga class. Help your heart health with this unique chair yoga fitness class.  Contact Gail to get access to these classes!

Call Gail at 409-727-3177 on your yoga questions about these classes and more!

Beginners Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger Relaxation, iRest, Yoga Nidra, Yogic Sleep Yoga Nidra

Shh, the secret to better sleep? It’s Yoga Nidra . . .

In preparation to teaching at the local VA, the Veterans Yoga Project protocol have you including yoga nidra. This not only helps veterans with symptoms of PTS(D), but allows for better sleep.

I took a Yoga Nidra training back in April of 2019, and this is what my students had to say after experiencing yoga nidra in our chair yoga and gentle beginners yoga classes.

” Here’s a 20 minute Yoga Nidra for you to enjoy.

Yoga Sleep Method Video ==>

Better sleep with yoga postures and yoga Nidra practices with Gail Pickens-Barger

I surveyed my students to see what they thought of their sleep. Here are a few comments.

  • “Slept Great!”
  • “Amazing Sleep. Did not wake up, and I normally do wake up during the night.”
  • “I slept a little better than I normally do, but I normally sleep well. I did sleep longer though.”
  • “Good Night Sleep.”
  • “I slept without any back pain.”
  • “Ah, I slept great, I really zoned out. The relaxation was wonderful and so relaxing.”
  • “Slept soundly all night, which is not normal.”
  • “Good. Slept straight thru the night.”
  • “I normally get up to the restroom 1 to 2 times a night. I slept straight thru.”
  • “Slept better than normal.”
  • “I don’t normally sleep through the night, last night after our yoga class I slept straight thru.”

Enjoy this 20 minute Yoga Nidra practice to help you sleep better at night.

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Meditate You Must. Good for You!
#BeginnersYoga Better Sleep with Yoga Relaxation, iRest, Yoga Nidra, Yogic Sleep Sleep Better Through a Regular Yoga Practice Yoga for Better Sleep Yoga Nidra Yogic Sleep

Power of a nap – Yoga Nidra

The Power of a Nap – Yoga Nidra

Watching the PBS Nova special on Sleep. Just some tidbits taken away from this: Toddlers were tested on their memory. Four novel toy items with nonsense toy names were given to them. The toddlers touched, played and the names of the toys were told to them.

Power of a Nap - Yogic Sleep. Yoga with Gail
Power of a Nap – Yogic Sleep. Yoga with Gail

One set of toddlers took a mid-afternoon nap after interacting with the toys.

One set of toddlers did not take a nap, but played, did activities – staying awake.

  • The toddlers who took the nap, were able to recall and correctly identify the toys at 80% recall
  • The toddlers who did not take the nap, were only able to recall and correctly identify the toys at 30% recall

We have a gland in our brain, the amalygila, which stores temporary memories, and by taking a nap, those short term memories get placed into long term memory. Some thing that is done every night we sleep. The thoughts are, in order to improve memory, having higher quality sleep (brain waves a certain way) taking naps is a way to do this.

It could also be a key in improving memory as we have aging brains. Taking naps for memory, concentration improvement.

Yoga Nidra could be also a key in helping with this. Doing a nidra mid day as a nap alternative might help with higher levels of concentration.

There were also thought in this special in how naps help counter PTSD, trama events in our lives.

Mysteries of Sleep – NOVA special on PBS

This special is well worth your time Click Here==> Mysteries of Sleep PBS NOVA Special

Power of a nap, improves memory, focus, concentration, Yoga Nidra can help with those naps.

We practice yoga nidra in the yoga classes that I teach. On a recent survey after doing the class and the yoga nidra, students claimed that they slept 75% better the nights of their yoga class. Better quality sleep, less getting up to go to the restroom, feeling refreshed the next day.

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care – Mondays at 6:15 PM $10

Chair Yoga Fitness – Thursdays at 10:00 AM $5

Both held at Wesley United Methodist Church
3515 Helena Avenue
Nederland, Texas 77627

Call Gail 409-727-3177 on your yoga questions.

Cardio Endurance Flexibility Mental Clarity Relaxation, iRest, Yoga Nidra, Yogic Sleep Strengthening Stress Reduction Toning of Muscles

Get Fit Where You Sit ™ Chair Yoga Fitness Class

Chair Yoga (1)
Get Fit Where You Sit ™ Chair Fitness Class
This specialty class is for those new to yoga and dance fitness, people seeking stress reduction, elderly, disabled, pregnancy and those in recovery from illness, injury or surgery, overweight or workers who sit at a desk all day! People of all ages and walks of life with arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, chronic pain are able to participate.

Benefits include; relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, mental clarity, strengthening and toning of muscles, improved breathing and more!

~No Previous Yoga or Dance Fitness Exercise Experience Is Necessary~

Everyone needs exercise and everyone can benefit from it. However, not everyone is able to physically to strenuous exercise or standing workouts due to health issues, weight issues, physical limitations.

Get Fit Where You Sit™ Chair Fitness Class encourages health and fitness for active people or those whom physical condition, restricted mobility, or age, limits their participation in conventional forms of exercise.

•    Unique as a seated exercise program that improves muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

•    Fun and fitness of dance exercise incorporated in a medically sound, no impact aerobic format.

•    Convenient Seated Fitness, can be done any place, in any shoes and clothing, on any floor surface, and in a limited amount of space.

•    Beneficial to people at all fitness levels as a practical alternative to conventional exercise.

While seated on chairs, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild back bends.

In addition to a good stretch, chair participants can also enjoy other health benefits of seated exercise, including improved muscle tone, better breathing habits, reduction of stress, better sleep, and a sense of well-being.

Great for all ages and body types, including seniors and those struggling with hip, knee, and other types of joint pain.

Thursdays at 10:00 AM at Wesley United Methodist Church, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas. $5 or Back Pack Food Ministry Donation.


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Why Eating Meditations are the best things since sliced bread.

Why Eating Meditations are the best things since sliced bread.

Lex Gillan and The Yoga Institute in Houston – one of the oldest and most respected studio businesses in the country – have been helping others share the dharma for 45 years. Lex has taught this course more than 200 times certifying more than 3,000 teachers. The Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Courses are registered with The National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Alliance for both 200-hour and 500-hour programs. These are turnkey courses that can help turn your passion for yoga into right livelihood through full- or part-time teaching.”

Lex has shared with his yoga students, that he was once 285 pounds.  He used the Eating Meditation to help him initially lose 70 pounds.  Then after taking a break, he eventually lost an additional 65 pounds.  He really, really wanted to lose weight.  Here is a little snippet of the eating meditation that he recently shared up on facebook.

Mindful eating practice to lose weight.
Mindful eating practice to lose weight.