Private Yoga Lesson in Nederland & Beaumont Tx. With Experienced Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger


Yoga and Chocolate? The New Meditation…

Yes, quite a combination. You combine Yoga and Chocolate, and it is the best day ever!!

Thursday classes will be experiencing a meditation with Chocolate during our Yoga Class!

The chocolate meditation is a great exercise in surrender and enjoyment … so relax and enjoy!

Take ONE little piece of chocolate. Unfold it. Let it linger in your hands for a minute or so,
before you gently place it on your tongue. Your mouth is a sacred point of nutrition and the place from where you express yourself. It’s a communion and a source of great pleasure. Once inside, let the chocolate melt and become part of you. Take about ten minutes and then ponder:
“Am I enjoying all aspects of my life, even the difficult moments, in similar fashion?
Am I eating with such grace?

Take the time to just take the time for your pleasure.