Salute to the Sun. Sun Salutations in Nederland Beaumont Texas. Yoga for Beginners

Salute to the Sun. Sun Salutations in Nederland Beaumont Texas. Yoga for Beginners

The sequence of poses for the salute to the sun with additionally demonstrating Warrior I, Reverse Warrior and Side Angle Pose.  All done at the Beginner Level to help you toward your wellness goals.  Even on the chair, there are Advance, Intermediate and Beginning versions of poses.

Call Gail Pickens-Barger, Yoga Teacher.

If you don’t like my classes, or the fit isn’t just right, I will find you a class or teacher to help you on your path to your wellness goals.  409-727-3177.  Please leave a voice message, if I am unable to immediately get to your telephone call.  Thank you!


YogaKiddos – Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? With Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger

Gail reads – “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” to her YogaKiddos through zoom, shared screen on Facebook Live on YogaKiddos Facebook Page.

Whew! Now that was a mouthful!

The Veterans Yoga Project people shared with us the procedure for doing a Zoom meeting, that could link up to your Facebook Live.

I typically read children’s books to my YogaKiddos at Wesley UMC Mothers Day Out Program. So how could I still do that, have the kids look at me at the same time, read the book, and do that on Facebook Live?

Hmmm, so I searched teachers sharing homework assignments, and being on camera at the same time.

Turns out, they use their iPhone as a document camera through the app Epoccam by Kinoni. Purchase the one without ads, and then download the drivers from Kinoni.

Then get your tripod, your book, your app linked to the same wifi as your laptop/desktop.

Do some manipulation of your account settings in Zoom, to allow Facebook Livestreaming.

Then Load the iphone app, get your camera angles to where you can read the book.

Start a Zoom meeting, Share your screen, pick Iphone screen, and wal lah!

My book, and me in the upper left hand corner, reading and doing kids Yoga poses!

Do the “more” button on Zoom, to broadcast to Facebook Live! Pick your page, and who is posting and you are set!

I then downloaded the video afterwards, and edited out the minute and a half off the front of the video in Youtube. Posted up on youtube, saved as a pinterest link, and posted and reposted on my facebook page.

I Know Clear as MUD!

YogaKiddos Lesson Plans Winner from OMazing Kids

Back in October, I submitted my lesson plan for kids yoga to OMazing Kids website, and voting on facebook occurred and my friends on facebook and YOU came through and my lesson plan won!  Thank you!

 Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Contest on OMazing Kids

Go over to the facebook site to see the set of lesson plans submitted, print and put into your folders for future reference to use in teaching kiddos yoga.  Great stuff!

Yoga Kids Lesson Plans to view, print out and use in classes

As part of my winning the contest Angela would help me with figuring out another lesson plan for me to use with the kiddos.   The “Prize”: The winning lesson plan will be announced on the OMazing Kids blog with the entire lesson plan text & picture(s), author’s name, website, Facebook page & other social media page links included. It will be announced & shared on all the OMazing Kids social media sites and your Facebook page will be “tagged” and folks will be encouraged to go “like” your page (think of it as a social media blitz to help promote your website & social media sites). The winner will also have the opportunity to receive a custom made visual support and story props made by me to go with their lesson plan and consultation regarding inclusion of kids with special needs. The details for that will be handled via e-mail correspondence with me.

So I selected the book Animalia by Graeme Base.  My friend Tammy Miller, gave Grace this book as a gift, and I quickly saw that this book had great potential to be used in a YogaKiddos class.  I gave Angela of OMazing Kids Yoga a crack at it to see what she could come up with.  Here are her list of suggested yoga poses, based on the contents of the book.

  • Armadillo or Horrible Harry Hogs (rock and roll)
  • Alligator (alligator)
  • Blue Butterflies (butterfly)
  • Babbling Brook (waterfall)
  • Crimsom Cats (cat)
  • Crusty Crayfish (crab)
  • Diabolical Dragons (dragon breath)
  • Elephant (elephant)
  • Easter Eggs (child’s pose)
  • Fat Frogs (frog)
  • Fish (fish)
  • Green Gorilla’s (thymus chest taps)
  • Grapes (a cluster of child’s pose)
  • Harnessed Horses (donkey kicks)
  • Ingenious Iguanas (plank)
  • Musical instruments (could incorporate kids following beat of drumming or tapping rythym sticks)
  • Jovial Jackals (Up Dog)
  • Quails, Kookaburra or Vulture (bird)
  • Kangaroo (self hug like in a pouch)
  • Koala (tree – eucalyptus trees)
  • Lazy Lions (lion)
  • Library (turning legs in easy pose like pages in a book)
  • Meticulous Mice (extended child’s pose)
  • Mathematical Messages (standing star to be a multiplication sign)
  • Old Ostrich (forward bend like hiding head in sand)
  • Onion Omelette (stir the pot to mix the ingredients)
  • Proud Peacocks (seated angle)
  • Rickety Red Rickshaws (wheelbarrow – but only if the kids are old enough to do this safely as partners)
  • Six Slithering Snakes (cobra)
  • Two Tigers (cat with leg extended for tail + roar)
  • Train to Timbuktu (choo-choo breath)
  • Wicked Warrior Wasps (Warrior 1)
  • Wildly waving warlike weapons (Warrior 2)

Then I needed to show her some specific pages to get more ideas for some of these pages in the book.

  • Newts (boat pose)
  • Rex Fox Fixing Six Sax (could do blowing – bubbles, pom poms, etc. since you blow the instrument to play it.)
  • Yaks Yodelling in Yellow Yaughts (maybe a yodeling breath?)

 And Angela’s suggestion for multiple items on a page. “When there are multiple things on a page I typically just do poses or breathing for the ones that match up the best….. especially for a book that has as much as this in it.”

This book will get several YogaKiddos classes out of it since it has so much great graphics on the page!

Thanks Angela!