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Salute to the Sun. Sun Salutations in Nederland Beaumont Texas. Yoga for Beginners

Salute to the Sun. Sun Salutations in Nederland Beaumont Texas. Yoga for Beginners

The sequence of poses for the salute to the sun with additionally demonstrating Warrior I, Reverse Warrior and Side Angle Pose.  All done at the Beginner Level to help you toward your wellness goals.  Even on the chair, there are Advance, Intermediate and Beginning versions of poses.

Call Gail Pickens-Barger, Yoga Teacher.

If you don’t like my classes, or the fit isn’t just right, I will find you a class or teacher to help you on your path to your wellness goals.  409-727-3177.  Please leave a voice message, if I am unable to immediately get to your telephone call.  Thank you!


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YogaKiddos – Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? With Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger

Gail reads – “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” to her YogaKiddos through zoom, shared screen on Facebook Live on YogaKiddos Facebook Page.

Whew! Now that was a mouthful!

The Veterans Yoga Project people shared with us the procedure for doing a Zoom meeting, that could link up to your Facebook Live.

I typically read children’s books to my YogaKiddos at Wesley UMC Mothers Day Out Program. So how could I still do that, have the kids look at me at the same time, read the book, and do that on Facebook Live?

Hmmm, so I searched teachers sharing homework assignments, and being on camera at the same time.

Turns out, they use their iPhone as a document camera through the app Epoccam by Kinoni. Purchase the one without ads, and then download the drivers from Kinoni.

Then get your tripod, your book, your app linked to the same wifi as your laptop/desktop.

Do some manipulation of your account settings in Zoom, to allow Facebook Livestreaming.

Then Load the iphone app, get your camera angles to where you can read the book.

Start a Zoom meeting, Share your screen, pick Iphone screen, and wal lah!

My book, and me in the upper left hand corner, reading and doing kids Yoga poses!

Do the “more” button on Zoom, to broadcast to Facebook Live! Pick your page, and who is posting and you are set!

I then downloaded the video afterwards, and edited out the minute and a half off the front of the video in Youtube. Posted up on youtube, saved as a pinterest link, and posted and reposted on my facebook page.

I Know Clear as MUD!

ABC's for Yoga for Kids Beginners Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger Benefits of Kids Yoga Yoga for Kids YogaKiddos YogaKiddos in Nederland Texas

Kids Yoga Day #kidsyogaday from ABCYogaforKids – Nederland Houston Tx

Kids Yoga Day #kidsyogaday from ABCYogaforKids – Nederland Houston Tx

It’s that time again!  International Kids Yoga Day.  I am one of the sponsors for this event.  We’ll be doing Kids Yoga today at Wesley UMC in Nederland, Texas.  Here’a a little of what we will be doing!

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I Howl, I Growl, Texas Babies – YogaKiddos

I Howl, I Growl, Texas Babies – YogaKiddos in Nederland, Texas

Today we are doing YogaKiddos from these two books!  While visiting the gift shop at Big Bend National Park, I picked up these two books.  They are awesome.  We’ll do this in YogaKiddos today!


I Howl, I Growl, Texas Babies!  Such sweet books!  We get to howl and growl with your YogaKiddos poses today at Wesley UMC in Nederland, Texas.  The preK class!

ABCs of Yoga for Kids Learning Cards Yoga with Gaileee YogaKiddos Z is for Moose

Z is for Moose – YogaKiddos class

Found a delightful little book to use in Kids Yoga at my child’s Scholastic Book fair last month.

“Z is for Moose!”

This laugh-out-loud romp of an abecedary features an impatient moose who just can’t wait for his turn. There is something intrinsically funny about moose (the art has a Bullwinkle feel), and this overenthusiastic one prematurely pops up onstage at D, wearing a proud grin, with hapless Duck having been pushed out of the way. Zebra (sporting a referee’s black-striped shirt) leaps out from the corner, shouting, “Moose? No. Moose does not start with D. You are on the wrong page.” Moose then wanders onto Elephant’s page, Fox and Glove are forced to share a stage, and then Moose’s irrepressibly excited mug plops down from the ceiling, obscuring Hat: “Is it my turn yet?” Basically, he is like an antsy kid anticipating his big star turn at M, only to be heartbroken when Mouse is given that letter’s starring role. Zebra, though frustrated, is not deaf to Moose’s offstage sobbing (look to the title for his resolution to the problem). Ideal for kids who are past struggling to learn the alphabet and who will fully get the humor in Moose’s goofy antics. Grades K-2. –Diane Foote


“Everybody will be elated with this goofy new way of going from A to Z.” (Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (starred review) )

“This zany alphabet book will make children smile.” (School Library Journal (starred review) )

“This laugh-out-loud romp of an abecedary features an impatient moose who just can’t wait for his turn.” (Booklist (starred review) )

“If you think you’ve seen every possible idea for an alphabet book played out, think again.” (Horn Book (starred review) )

“Just label it F for funny.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review) )

“Readers accustomed to the usual list of letters will be giggling with suspense by the time ‘L is for Lollipop’ rolls around.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Here is my review of the book.

Z is for Moose. Great book to use with Kids Yoga! This ABC book to use in reading the story out loud, then acting out the A, B, C animals in the book with yoga poses. It’s great when moose tries to take over the other letters, and has great humor it the story line. I supplemented the book/storytelling with ABC Yoga for Kids Card deck, so that we could further act out animal poses for the letters. For example, the letter U, is Umbrella in the book, but I had the kiddos pick out cards from my yoga deck, and instead of acting out Umbrella, we acted out Unicorn instead. Worked very well for ages 4 – 12.

YogaKiddos with Gaileee […] 

 Here are the cards that I used to supplement the storytelling aspect of the book for the class!

I bought the book, the color book and the cards to use in the YogaKiddos classes.

Ahh!  Enjoy!