Favorite Yoga Poses from Summer 2009

So here I am in the Gobi desert in Mongolia, and you might say, I’m doing an excellent “Camel” pose.  Really trying to stay *on* the camel, that is…..

A photo of one of the Buddhist temples in the ancient capital city of Mongolia, Harhorin.

Photograph looking outwards from the Horse monument, just outside the city of Avairhkeer, Mongolia.

Lotus pose, near one of the demolished Buddhist temples several hours outside the current capital of “UB” Mongolia.

Warrior II with an obu in the background.

More can be seen on my Mongolian blog at

Prenatal Yoga in Mongolia

I presented a Prenatal Yoga class in Avraikheer, Mongolia, while I was visiting Amber (who was in the Peace Corps) in 2009.

Mongolians have this superstition about being on the floor in public, so they laid a blanket on the floor so that I could demonstrate Cat/Cow flow.

I then proceeded to demonstrate the rest of the poses standing, with the chair, or with the wall. Talk about a change of plans! Good thing I had come up with a alternate flow for doing prenatal yoga in chairs!

Now they want me to prepare a handout, so that they can take it at home and practice at home. Amber and I are working on that information, and it will be translated into Mongolian.

I had a midwife there also, and she was supplementing the things I was trying to say, for poses that you do during labor, with her expertise too. Great presentation!

Baby Grace

Well, both Baby Grace and I have colds. She sleeps a bit more with hers, I’m just plain ole cranky! (Well, old for sure, and cranky too!)

She now says:

Get down
me want it
I want it
dome (for want some)
no noooo

She really likes going to Mother’s Day Out. She plays quitely, and then gets verbal, and loves to read books. She also likes to carry her crayons around the house, but we’ve had to take those away from her, cause she likes to put the crayons in places where they should be…..