Doctor at Queens shares this life giving breath technique in the time of Corona

Please breathing technique, healthy breathing, view this video, study it, practice it, read the comments. Comments from the Youtube on this breathing technique for a few more details. Doctor talks about and demonstrates breathing techniques for battling this virus. #justbreathe

Private Yoga Lesson in Nederland & Beaumont Tx. With Experienced Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger

Instant Stress Eraser….just say….Ahhhh….

Instant Stress Eraser The economy is in the dumps. Gas prices continue to shoot upwards. Your kids may be off from school and driving you up the wall. It’s summer. It used to be vacation time. If only you can take a vacation from stress. Now you can. Right now while you read this post.Continue reading “Instant Stress Eraser….just say….Ahhhh….”