Nidra sleep? Add Yoga Nidra Practices to your nightly routine.

Nidra sleep? Add these Yoga Nidra practices to your nightly routine!

Nidra Sleep? Add nightly Yoga Nidra Practices to your night routine!

Benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Great for Beginners to meditate, those of us needing guided rest for better sleep, easing of pain, and more.

So just to provide a little bit of context, and a little bit of predictability, our Yoga Nidra or our Guided Rest Practice is a form of guided meditation. Still, there is nothing for you to do, except to listen and follow the guidance of the teacher’s voice.

Aside from being relaxing, restorative, and restful, studies have shown that yoga Nidra can also:

  • ease insomnia
  • decrease anxiety
  • alleviate stress
  • reduce PTSD, chronic pain, and chemical dependency
  • heighten awareness and focus
  • transform negative habits, behaviors, and ways of thinking
  • foster feelings of peace, calm, and clarity
  • reduce stress
  • improve sleep
  • help heal trauma
  • reduce chronic pain
  • plant seeds for future growth

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Yoga Nidra Meditation Videos:

Yoga Nidra Practices from VYP Yoga Teacher Gail P-B.

Rain Sounds for Sleeping Videos:

Rain sounds to ease into slumber

Easing into sleep with Soothing Rain Videos and Yoga Nidra Meditation Practices:

Both Rain and Yoga Nidra Practices playlist

Gentle Yoga for Healthy Backs – Beginners Yoga on Veterans Yoga Project Online Studio Site

Gentle Yoga for Healthy Backs – Beginners Yoga on Veterans Yoga Project Online Studio Site

Studies show that yoga is effective in assisting with lowering back pain.

National Institutes of Health – article on Yoga eases moderate to severe chronic low back pain

Boston University study finds it’s as good as physical therapy for relieving lower back pain

NPR – National Public Radio reports – study finds yoga can help back pain, but keep it gentle with these poses, as heard on Morning Edition.

There are even some guides in this article!

Science Daily Reports – Yoga helps back pain among veterans! –

Time Magazine states Yoga works as well as physical therapy for Back Pain –

Consumer Reports – Try Yoga for Back Pain

New Back Pain Guidelines from Consumer Reports –

September 2022 – New Yoga Class with Gail Pickens-Barger

Wednesday at 6:15 PM | 45 Minute yoga class | Held at Wesley UMC/NederlandTX | 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Tx 77627 | Bring $5 and a food items for our Back Pack Food Ministry. 409-727-3177
Wednesday at 6:15 PM | 45 Minute yoga class | Held at Wesley UMC/NederlandTX | 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Tx 77627 | Bring $5 and food items for our Back Pack Food Ministry

$5 | 45 Minute Beginners Yoga Class | Back Pack Food Item | Wednesdays at Wesley UMC/Nederland, Tx.

  • Meats & Stews (pop tops)
  • Breakfast items
  • Packaged Noodles
  • Canned Vegetables (pop tops)
  • Canned Fruits (pop tops)
  • 100% Juice Boxes
  • Staple Milk
  • Healthy Snacks

Look for the Pop-topped individual items

Questions? Complaints? Comments? Complements? Let me know.

If you have chronic neck or back pain…

If you carry stress in your neck and shoulders (not that any of us do…!)

If you wake up feeling listless and sore, wondering what is going on with your body anyway…

Discover the natural, safe, and enjoyable way to get relief from the above, as well as achieve the following benefits:

…cope better with stress, both daily annoyances and monumental life changes.

…feel happier and more energized.

…increase physical strength and flexibility, no matter what your age or physical condition.

…feel more creative – and like you have more time for your creative projects.

…feel relaxed and at-ease in your body and in your life.

People you know may be amazed at the transformation in you.

They’ll want to know the secret.

It’s not a pill…or a drink….

In fact, it’s not a gimmick at all.

It’s just that you’ve discovered the ancient secret that has relieved pain and stress for millions of people.

It’s yoga.

You may have a picture of yoga as a bunch of hyper-thin women doing crazy bendy pretzel poses in tight clothing.


Physical yoga is instead a combination of physical stretching, strengthening and toning poses, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation practices that are accessible to everyone and every-body.

It’s a system of healing the body that has worked for thousands of years.

You’ll feel the benefits after just a few sessions. Sessions are available either in a class setting or privately in your own home, whichever is a better fit for your lifestyle.

For more information, contact Gail Pickens-Barger at Yoga with Gail, 409-727-3177
or visit us at

How to ease back pain with gentle yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger
How to ease back pain with gentle yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

Yoga in Nederland & Beaumont, Texas

Teaching yoga in Nederland and Beaumont Texas 2022. Online and In-Person Beginners Classes. Gentle Yoga for low back care classes, Yoga Nidra, and more.

Sunday 7:00 PM Online Yoga Nidra. Tuesday 6:00 PM $10 Beginners Yoga in Nederland, Texas. Wednesday 12:30 PM Online Gentle Yoga for low back care yoga. Friday 10:30 AM Beginners Yoga at Lakeside Event Center in Beaumont Texas. Over 21 years of teaching experience, come join Gail Pickens-Barger.
Gentle Yoga can do that?  Why,  yes it does.  Join me either for my in-person classes in Nederland or Beaumont Texas, or join me online!  Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger
Gentle Yoga does that? Yes, it does!
Yoga classes available on my youtube channel too!
Classes are available on my Youtube channel too! Search Yoga with Gaileee or #yogawithgaileee

Yoga postures for easing back pain

Gentle Yoga for low back pain 45 minute classes hosted by the Veterans Yoga Project folks!

Hosted by the online streaming classes Facebook page, VYP Online Streaming Classes
Here is the class that I did for the Veterans Yoga Project for Healthy Backs Yoga Class

Thank you for joining this yoga class and I hope you enjoy the class!🤗

Remember, you don’t have to be able to touch your toes, or bend like a pretzel to do yoga!

Back PAIN info:

  • Back pain is the 2nd most sited reason people go to the doctor
  • Back pain has a high occurrence in veterans for a number of reasons
  • And they are prescribed pills but it doesn’t really help
  • Then comes fatigue, depression & quality of life goes down
  • Yoga can actually help the back pain
  • 45% of veterans have a military-connected disability
  • 8% of adults in the US have back pain at some part of their life
  • 30% of people in the US in the next 3 months will have a short course of back pain
    • So this affects everyone
    • This method of practices and yoga poses
    • Reduces the intensity of pain, depression, fatigue & medication use
    • Pain interference with daily life.
    • Quality of life & self-efficacy both went up with regular yoga practice
Ease back pain through gentle yoga through online practices offered by the Veterans Yoga Project Online Streaming classes Facebook/Zoom pages.
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Since the formative years of the United States, more than one million American Soldiers have given and lost their lives protecting our freedoms and defending our nation’s liberties. Those Americans made the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans Yoga Project recognizes their sacrifice by annually gathering on Memorial Day to light candles in their honor.

We stand where they once stood.
We bow to them with gratitude.
We speak of their valor.
We live.

All of us at Veterans Yoga Project

Gail Pickens-Barger, Veterans Yoga Project Ambassador